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Wealth planning, administration & asset management, counseling & implementing investment strategies, financing of major projects, etc. 

All services are provided by our competent and trustworthy financial experts, who will take care of your most precious and valuable assets for a long term commitment.

UNIS FINANCE designs financial Engineering to offer solutions and empower clients providing them with information and education to meet or even surpass their financial goals.

After 30 years of experience together with the most important financial institutions and leading specialists in financial advisory and wealth management, among others, we can provide the necessary tools and solutions for every submitted project.

We can also cover all aspects of project finance, from diagnosis, strategy & structuring, identification of potential financial partners, management of the due diligence process, to funds raising, negotiation, and if applicable, controlling.

We listen to our client, we understand the needs and expectations, and design tailored solutions that will maximize the client’s earning potential, and as it is a Swiss national virtue and tradition, always respecting and safeguarding confidentiality, with integrity, trust and respect.


Transport, Logistics & Infrastructure Management

Support to the Public & Private developers in the design and materialization of their infrastructure Projects

Development of multimodal infrastructures for trade integration, and logistics platforms to integrate maritime, land and air transportation.

Create efficient platforms to minimize logistic costs and transportation and thus improve the problems of congestion and pollution.

High quality Integral logistics Services to support industrial and commercial competitiveness through our proven success models.

Improvement of competitiveness in international trade by the design, development and management of infrastructure projects in railway stations and ports.


Municipalities, metropolitan areas and other urban areas have a growing need for Identity & Differentiation. Being someone in the current economic map is becoming increasingly important for sustainable economic development of these urban spaces

Develop a strategic analysis process able to define the distinctive and innovative character, the Essence & Personality of these Urban Spaces.

Implementation of strategic plans for sustainable economic development in urban environments.

Strengthen the cities in terms of competitiveness, social cohesion & positioning in the country and abroad.

Visualize Scenarios where, in the near future, cities may be located in terms of sustainable economic development, including participatory process that help to merge Scientific-based Visions with Citizen-based Visions.


Over the last 30 years, we have provided security services to a large number of politicians, businessmen, and presidents of states without the necessity of doing an intervention or evacuation due to our previous work of comprehensive and rigorous analysis and methodology.

Professional Personal Protection in all areas, Protective accompaniment, business trips, … taking charge of thorough instruction of security teams already working within an existing set-up.

Instruction for Security Professionals & Institutions that require Personal Protection of their members, and courses of protection tactics, self-defence, and teamwork in Urban zones, among others.

BRICPOL, a competition that tests agents in both the emotional and behavioral aspect as it reproduces real situations of the use of force in extreme situations.


Sport is an agent of socialization & social integration, promoting healthy lifestyles behaviors, ethics & sporting values

Promotion of sport in the cities and suburbs, generating profits in the health of citizens and in the design of public health policies.

Trigger process transformation of infrastructure and services in the cities.

Creation of economic & social opportunities aimed at strengthening local production and the values of the community.

Strengthen the country brand, the ability to attract investment & talent, and promote knowledge transfer.

High Performance Centers to maximize local talent with international goals.


Leading the Way, Listening the World

Effective communication, whether it is at the interpersonal, intrapersonal or corporate level, is the key to personal and professional success

Offer quality 360º Business & Personal communication.

Deliver custom-made Marketing campaigns, focused on the product and target audience, applying different mix techniques.

Create Advertising Campaigns & Strategies as well as Sponsoring to introduce companies and products in local and international markets causing great impact, in conventional and non-conventional media.

Building a social media strategy with powerful messages & contents to increase visibility, recognition, and expand the brand and success abroad.

Management of Personal Communication, analyzing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to position people effectively, recognizing personal potential and creating positive reputation

Business Architecture & Personal Concepts, examining different aspects of a business to understand the needs and creating a model for adding value (Rolling MAP).

Corporative Communication, basic to achieve unification at all levels in a Company. Analysis and reconstruction or creation of a brand. PR campaigns, press cabinet, and Media.

Training in communication, public speaking, protocol and etiquette, negotiation, presentation skills and event management, among others.


Influence & Fast development of technologies are the indicator of society growth

Research, development & implementation of emerging technologies in different areas, such as educational & information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Development of communication processes, computer, video and telecommunications, mixing different areas and processes, obtaining powerful results.

Training of qualified personnel for each area, planning the methodology to integrate Internet and remodel ing proces ses for proper adaptation of new technologies.

Promote & disseminate new technologies so that they can reach out to citizens and become an integral part of their lives.


Unique life experiences that last forever

We believe in Creativity, Adventure, Real life Experiences & Challenges, and in the power of movement & rhythm.

New challenges in an enjoyable and entertaining way, to integrate knowledge through creative experience.

Scenarios, events & games are designed for your specific needs and are a powerful tool for self-discovery, team and organizational learning.

Programs in environments and situations that require stretching one’s abilities, using mental and physical skills that lead to enhanced awareness, quality conversations and improved decision making processes.


Food is a source of health, and our aim is that this concept becomes a reality

Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth's ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature

Ensure biodiversity by modernizing the primary sector, through training, innovation and technology transfer.

Improve farming techniques, seeds optimization, crops diversification and encourage efficient use of water to gain competitiveness and efficacy.

Promote the culture of organic food consumption, and also local and responsible farming and animal breeding favoring landscape and biodiversity.

Generate economic activity in rural areas, taking advantage of the available resources, to reduce the impact of immigration to big cities, ensuring sustainability.

Increase the country’s food capacity to achieve self-sufficiency, implement the processing industry, developing products and creating added value, as well as improving logistics and distribution balancing competitiveness and sustainability.


No society can prosper if its society has no health

Investment to improve the health of a population is not just an ethical policy for states but also one which can bring significant economic benefits for their country

Establish training centers where different types of medicine converge in a structured way to improve the ability of citizens to make decisions about their health and consumer interests.

Develop and promote professional networks & customer care centers, for better informed & educated consumers, as well as to share and foster medical knowledge.

Provide or facilitate the planning, implementation, and medical & scientific management.

Find synergies between Public & Private sectors, as well as help to structure an offer of private health and customer care systems.

Construction of hospitals & healthcare facilities equipped with latest technologies and appliances.